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About Lee Geon Maan AnF

"Lee Geon Maan" is the first Hangul fashion brand engrafting inherent value of Hangul, traditional elements and culture of Korea to fashion design.

It tries to publicize the originality and scientific design of Hangul around the world through fashion items. It has actually shown good potential of being a global brand representing Korea with the most Korea-like designs.

It has an affiliated design research center with highly qualified and competent designers.

It has begun to gain trust of consumers as it has made its products 100% in Korea in collaboration with vendors working with Top10 brand companies for perfect quality control of the products. Currently, it has established many shops in renowned department stores and tax-free shops.

Thanks to these efforts, it gains public favor from domestic and foreign consumers.
It established a subsidiary in Japan in 2009 and currently is in negotiation to make inroads into China.


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201109/ec21_com_20110929_174620_20110929165219.jpg Lee Geon Maan Handbag
Hangul pattern designs which implicitly visualize the basic principle of Hangul design, the harmony of Yin and Yang, and the structural combination of verbs and consonants.
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201109/ec21_com_20110929_174357_20110929164858.jpg Lee Geon Maan Handbag
This is soft vegetable-tanned leather product embossed with a crocodile pattern. This material conveys silky smooth feeling when touching and has natural-looking sagging.
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201109/ec21_com_20110929_174908_20110929165419.jpg Lee Geon Maan Handbag
This is soft material with good elasticity, subdued sheen and smooth feeling when touching. It is also durable somewhat. The symbolic wing-shaped design on the both sides of this handbag shows the determination of LEE GEON MAAN brand to soar forever among just passable similar products in the market.
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201109/ec21_com_20110929_174229_20110929164656.jpg Lee Geon Maan Handbag
By using a traditional petticoat and skirt as a motif, this handbag reveals refined dignity and aesthetic elegance while folded creases provide perpendicularly strained impression. By projecting trendy materials, decorations and craftsmanship in the design harmoniously, this design divulges modernistic elegance.
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